Rats and Rodent Pest Control

Rats and Rodent Pest Control Brentwood, NY


What makes rats unwelcome house guests is how many ways they share diseases. They can make you sick by biting, scratching, or through their droppings.

If that isn’t bad enough, people can still get the bubonic plague from their fleas. When they don’t find table scraps, they’ll also start gnawing your wood trim instead.

Pest Control Brentwood locates and removes rats and rodents throughout Brentwood, NY. Whether they are damaging your house or your retail building, we’ll stop them quickly.

We only use professional pest control baits and traps for your best results. Choose the best local exterminators today for your infestation.

The Best Pest Control Services for Rats in Brentwood, NY

Two rats can grow their nest to 1,250 in only one year. Once they hit puberty at nine weeks of age, they can and will start reproducing.

You can even become infected with diseases you didn’t know still existed. Did you know that people continue to catch leprosy from rodents?

Just having one of these rodents in your space is too many. Many homeowners have had their homes burned down because rats also like to chew your wiring.

Prevent rodents from investing your house or office with Pest Control Brentwood.


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