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Ants Exterminators in Brentwood, New York


Ants are interesting pests because most are harmless, but they still can infest buildings. When they do go marching into your home, you need us.

Pest Control Brentwood keeps you protected from these invasive bugs. The greater Brentwood, NY, area is known for many different species, keeping you at risk.

Some colonies have multiple queens and millions of workers, and others release harsh stenches. You will want a trained exterminator on your side to take on any infestations, including:

  • Little Black Ant
  • Carpenter Ants
  • Citronella Colonies
  • Argentine Ants
  • Field Ants
  • Odorous House Ants
  • Pavement Ants
  • Pharaoh Colonies
  • Winged Ants
  • And others

While you won’t suffer much from these pests, your home or commercial building will. Keep any buildings protected with our affordable exterminators today.

Pest Control for Ants in Brentwood, NY

If you locate the colony quickly, some soapy water can take them out. Unfortunately, once it becomes established, you will need a more effective arsenal.

Ants will eat your food, clothing, fabrics, and trash, and continue coming back. Even bait traps and liquid insecticides won’t be enough to remove them all.

Give your house or business the best exterminators with Pest Control Brentwood.

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